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Enhance Your Gym’s Merch Section And Also Spread Brand Awareness

Posted by on May 11, 2017 in Uncategorized |

If you’re looking for ways to expand your gym’s merchandise section, then you should take the opportunity to also get your brand out there. You don’t want to stick with selling protein bars and protein powders. While these might be a good source of revenue, they do little to build brand awareness since you can’t put your logo on other people’s brand names, and people tend to want brand-name protein. So, here are three ideas for things you can add to the inventory that will be appealing to the fitness crowd and also get your brand out there in the public space. Workout Tees With Your Gym Logo People involved in fitness are always looking for new workout tees. And they like wearing stuff that shows off that they workout, both in cut (tank tops) and design (logos). So, stock up on some workout t-shirts and have your gym’s logo silk screened onto the fabric. You can hook up with a graphic designer if you don’t have a cool logo and want to come up with one. Make sure to have several colors, as well as sizes and designs. You should have tanks for guys and gals, but also fitted poly style tees for people who are not into wearing tanks. Personalized Water Bottle Labels People tend to stick to name brands when it comes to protein bars and protein powders. But water is not as tied into a brand. So, you can contact a private labeling company and get bottled water shipped to you. Then all you need is to get personalized water bottle labels and attach them. You could stock these in the fridge next to the energy drinks and other refreshments. It will get people to walk around with the gyms logo, which helps strengthen the brand name, and you will also get the benefit of people outside the gym seeing the logo. Talk with a professional, like Great Canadian Water Company, for more information. BPA-Free Shaker Bottles People who are in the gym a lot pumping iron are going to be protein shake fanatics. And if you ask anyone about protein shakes, the one topic that comes up again and again is that shaker bottles often need to be replaced (after a while the smell, taste, of the old whey seems to never leave). So people get new shaker bottles quite often. So, if you have a nice display of BPA-free shaker bottles on sale for a low cost, you can get lots of the weightlifters and bodybuilders to purchase them. The bottles can be designed with your gym’s logo on the side, and the customers will like picking up a brand-new shaker bottle rather than spending hours soaking their old ones in vinegar or baking soda or endlessly scrubbing it out with soap to remove that nasty sour whey...

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Extra Services You May Want To Find The Next Time You Look For A Bottle Depot

Posted by on Aug 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Bringing bottles to a recycling depot is a fast way to clear out your recycling pile while getting a little money back. But it can often seem like an annoyance to have to make a special trip just to drop off some bottles, leading many to let the bottles build up. If you would prefer to have additional reasons to head over to a bottle depot, such as being able to take care of multiple errands at once, you can find places that offer other services or that have a secondary purpose. Battery Recycling Batteries should not be thrown in the trash—even typical home-use ones like alkaline batteries—because they can pollute groundwater and soil if they start to leak. Battery acid and heavy metals are two of the substances that can leach out and create a mess. Used batteries seem to build up quickly, forming a dust-gathering pile that requires a trip to a place that will take batteries for recycling. Nowadays those places include some bottle return depots. Try to separate the batteries by type (e.g., alkaline vs. lithium), just to make recycling them easier on the company, and bring them by along with your bottles. E-Waste Drop-off In addition to battery recycling, some return depots now offer e-waste drop-off. From cables to computers, you can bring your old electronic goods to the depot and do some serious tidying up of your home or office. Double-check beforehand about whether the depot will charge a fee to take any particular types of electronics. Some also take appliances, but again, check to ensure you know what types. You don’t want to show up with your old refrigerator only to find out the depot handles small appliances only. Charity Fundraising Sometimes it’s not what the depot takes but what it does that can make bottle recycling less of a chore. A number of depot companies have paired bottle drop-off with charity fundraising. This does mean that you won’t see the money from delivering the bottles, but you’ll have contributed to a good cause. Some places use the money for research, while others use it to pay employees who have special needs and who might have trouble finding work elsewhere. Bottle depots are really expanding the services they offer, so you can start streamlining your errands or start contributing more to charity if you prefer. Start contacting depots in your area like Vecova Centre For Disability Services & Research—you’re likely to find one that offers what you...

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Create Your Brand Identity And Increase Sales With The Help Of A Professional Product Design Firm

Posted by on Nov 15, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Whether your company is a brand-new startup, or you have an established product line, it is important to create your brand identity if you haven’t already. If you already have a brand identity, it is worth taking a second look to see if there are any changes or updates you need to make to increase sales. The right branding can also get your product out there in front of potential buyers and make it memorable so they will keep coming back. While you can create your own product packaging and branding, it is most beneficial to commission the help of a professional during the creation process. Idea Phase Whether you are creating a new brand identity, or reinventing your product, the first phase of the process is the idea phase. This is where you brainstorm for ideas, and throw everything out on paper. Then you sort through the ideas, toss the ones that won’t work and keep the ones that may work for later perusal. While it is possible to handle this phase yourself, it is always beneficial to have a neutral second opinion. When you hire someone to help you with your brand identity and product packaging design, you can get new ideas and things that you may not have thought of on your own. Industry Research While you are designing and finalizing your product packaging, there are several types of research that need to be conducted. It is important to know what types of packaging work for similar products from other manufacturers. You also need to ensure that you are not blatantly copying the ideas of other companies. And finally, you need to survey current and potential customers to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. It can be overwhelming to conduct this research while you are handling daily operations. Hiring an outside firm to assist will take the burden off your shoulders and get feedback in a timely manner. Finalization After you settle on a final design, it’s time to send it off to be finalized and put into production. Again, this task can be overwhelming to handle while you are continuing to run your company’s normal operations. A product design firm will handle this aspect of your product branding, so you can continue making your product and getting it out to your customers. You can keep your focus where it needs to be – on increasing sales and viability for your...

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Getting Climate Control And Cleanliness In Long Term Storage

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

There are times when you have to choose between beloved belongings and free space. Thankfully, there’s a barrier between hoarding all of your belongings in a giant pile and selling everything off: a barrier called storage units. Although storage units, such as Guardian Storage Ltd Storage Units, offer a great way to organize excess belongings, you’ll want to prepare the unit for long term care. Moisture, dust and invading pests can ruin your belongings if you’re not able to maintain the storage unit on a daily or weekly basis, so take the time to understand a few storage dangers and how to protect your property. Moisture Reduction To Slow Rotting And Mold Moisture can cause wood and paperwork to swell up and deteriorate–a problem that can become worse if there’s pollution in the city or town that is carried in humid air conditions. A dehumidifier is the main tool in the battle against humidity, but don’t buy one quite yet. Make sure to inspect the area for any moisture leaks such as wall cracks or an uneven door seal that could be fixed first. There’s not reason to give the dehumidifier more work than it needs to. Bring up any issues you find with the storage facility staff. Once you’ve secured the storage room as much as you reasonably can, measure the storage room area to figure out the type of dehumidifier you’ll need. Every dehumidifier has an effective area for removing humidity from the air; if the room is too big, the dehumidifier will only be able to dry the immediate area. If you’re unable to get specifics from the labels or manuals of a dehumidifier, contact the manufacturer. Pest Inspection And Control Especially in the case of wood objects, pests can cause heavy damage and make your storage room a useless container for wood pulp. Termites in the local area may not be noticeable if other storage unit users aren’t storing wood, but once your wooden property is introduced, a new problem could manifest. Termites aren’t the only issue. Many transient pests could leave waste behind, staining white or light colored clothes and paperwork. The problem can be solved by sealing your property in containers, but strong containers may be more of an investment than you’re willing to put forward. In some cases, basic containers could still be accessed by some pests, leaving only the most expensive containers as your choice. As you look into ways to seal away your property, make sure to request the services of a pest control professional. Notify the storage facility owner of any obvious infestations, although you may need to hire your own as a precaution in case there’s unknown threats that can’t be reasonably detected by non-professionals. Contact a storage facility manager to discuss mini storage, vehicle storage units and other storage...

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Getting A Job At A Call Center: What Employees Are Looking For

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Working at a call center allows you to build your customer service skills over the phone while working with new people every day. It’s a great job to have while paying for college, or as a full time career with possible benefits. If you are looking to become a call center representative, know what employees are looking for so you can have a better chance at landing the job. Reliability Call centers are notorious for high turnover rates, mainly due to the young crowd they attract. Many young people work at a call center for a few months, then move on to different employment due to school or other opportunities. If you want a job at a call center, you should be able to prove your reliability. You can do this by expressing your attendance and dedication to school programs and sports if you have never had a job, or by showcasing your long work history with a single company. Having reputable referrals, such as a former teacher, employer, or even church authority, can help to show your ability to remain a good-standing employee at your job. Flexibility Flexibility is key to working at a call center. If you have a limited open schedule due to another job, family, or school, then let your potential employer know upfront. They can work with whatever schedule you do have available, although they may require that you work a few weekends a week. Be willing to be flexible with the time you do have available, even if it means working a late evening or weekend shift. Customer service skills Working at a call center means you will be working with the public using only your voice to serve them. This means you must have patience, a friendly speaking voice, and the ability to diffuse any difficult situations. Having previous customer service skills is a plus, whether you worked at a laundromat or a gas station, and should be noted on your resume or application. If you have no customer service experience, you can still showcase your ability to lead by showcasing achievements in school, your leadership qualities, or give examples on how you would handle certain customer situations on your resume. Employers at call centers want quality employees they know they can trust to do their jobs and treat their customers well. If this is a field you want to get into, use your skills in customer service, your reliability, and your willingness to work a variety of shifts to help you get in the door. Click here to learn...

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Improving Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If you wish to improve the overall look of your front porch and yard during twilight and night-time hours, the lighting you place can be beneficial to your home’s curb appeal. Here are some tips and tricks you can use when selecting outdoor lighting to help give your own home the proper amount of illumination while sprucing up the area with your fixture choices. Consider Safety One part of your light fixture choice to consider is how much light it gives off. Don’t skimp on lighting on your front porch, as it is a great way to deter thieves from trying to gain entry. Make sure the light points toward the doorknob so it is adequately illuminated, helping you avoid fumbling to get it unlocked. Lighting along your walkway or flood lights to brighten up areas of your front lawn will help keep people from hiding behind shadowy bushes or trees. Use adequate wattage in your bulb choice to keep the area bright. Make a Statement Think about swapping out a smaller light fixture for a large, bold piece that stands out. Pick out a fixture in a contrasting color from your home so it is easily viewed from the roadway or your front entryway. Matching the color of the fixture with your shutters or trim is a great way to keep your home from looking overpowered with too many colors.  When picking out a new fixture, consider the sizing. When using one light, look for a fixture with a height that is approximately one-third of the height of the door. If using a lamp on both sides of your doorway, a measurement of about a quarter of the height of the door will be proportionately pleasing to the eye. Use Subtle Lighting Along with a brighter front porch area, use some subtle lighting to show off other parts of your front yard. Small solar light posts can be placed along your walkway to help show the direction to your home. Place some recessed lighting underneath the eaves of roof to help showcase the front of your home. Consider using string lighting to give fences or trellises a fun, whimsical look. Reuse to Save Money If you are low on funds, make sure the lighting fixture you select will match the hardware already installed on your home. This way you can simply take off the old fixture and place the new one in the existing holder. Another way to save money is to paint an existing fixture in a new color. A fixture color change can completely change the appearance of your porch, while giving you satisfaction in doing the project yourself. Take a look at lighting stores in your area to get...

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Protect Your Investment With Accurate Measurements – Tips For Maintaining An Industrial Scale

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Whether you’re weighing out small orders to hand deliver to a customer or you have a large, in ground scale that constantly weighs fleet vehicles, it’s important that you keep your scales in their best shape. Having an accurate measure of the weight of your products is an important part of inventory control, and inventory control is the best way to make sure you stay financially successful. Below, you’ll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your industrial scales. Following these suggestions will guarantee that your scales will meet your needs when you need them to, and can also make sure that you’re never in a situation where you’re unable to fully serve your clients. Regular Calibration The best way to make sure your scale is functioning correctly is to constantly check to make sure it’s in balance. Having your scale calibrated twice a year should be frequent enough to guarantee that major issues will be prevented while also not interfering with your regular operations. Many industrial scales have options for self-calibration, but if you want to guarantee successful results, you should pursue the services of a scale maintenance professional. There are many services available that will involve a technician coming out to your facility and quickly and accurately calibrating your equipment. Part Servicing A scale is just as susceptible to physical damage as any other piece of equipment, and it’s important that you check up on its vulnerable parts. If your scale is regularly used outdoors or in a humid warehouse, the potential for rust and other water damage should be considered. The surface of your scale may also be at risk of stress fractures caused by extremely heavy loads. Regularly inspecting your scale deck for cracks and patching them as soon as they’re found will guarantee that your scale stays in top condition for as long as possible. Proper Usage The most common cause of damage to industrial equipment is its usage in an improper context. As such, it’s important that you always follow manufacturer’s instructions and never overload your scale or attempt to use it for items that it’s not designed to measure. It’s also important to remember that, while many industrial scales have a warranty that will protect you from damage, those warranties may be voided by inappropriate usage. Being smart with your equipment is the first step toward making sure it stays durable and effective. Contact Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. Weigh Scales for more...

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Hiring A Taxi Service For Your Next Family Vacation Can Help Make It A Success

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Hiring a taxi service can help make your family vacation a success. Consider how less stressful your trip will be and the conveniences that are provided by taxi companies each day. There Is No Need To Wait In Line You won’t need to wait in line to find a parking space when visiting attractions, restaurants, or the airport. A taxi service provides curbside service, saving you valuable time. Give the taxi company a list of the places that you and your family would like to visit. They will show up at the planned times and whisk your family off to each spot that was chosen. Being able to travel with ease will allow you to make the most of your vacation and pack it full of fun and memorable experiences. When it is time to go home, a taxi will drive you and your family to the airport and help everyone get their luggage inside of the building. You will not have to worry about missing your flight home and everyone can relax for a few moments before the plane takes off. Parties Of All Sizes Are Welcomed If you have a big family, you won’t have to worry about how you are going to drive everyone around. Taxi services have a large fleet of vehicles and cater to large groups, as well as small ones. Simply, let the taxi service know how many people are going to be riding with you. They will provide a large shuttle van to accommodate everyone. Each person will have plenty of room to sit back comfortably and view the scenery as the taxi moves carefully down the road. Plans Can Be Changed At The Last Minute If a close friend or extended family member were driving your family to each destination, you might be wary about changing plans at the last second. This could disrupt the expectations of the person who owns the vehicle and cause them to feel disappointed. With a taxi service, you do not need to worry about this occurring. Taxi services are used to making spur of the moment changes and will add additional stops to each trip that you take if you would like them to. The driver has knowledge of the roads that they will be traveling on and will take your family to each point of interest as quickly as they can. The taxi service will assist your family throughout the trip. Give the taxi company a call before leaving for your vacation. A professional and courteous driver will meet you and your family at the time that you request and take everyone to each location that you have chosen. To learn more, visit Airport Taxi...

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3 Tips For Being More Eco-Friendly During Oilfield Construction

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Many people oppose oilfield construction because they fear that it’s bad for the environment, but the truth is that oilfield construction is an essential in many cases. Just because you are planning an oilfield construction project, however, does not mean that you can’t do so while keeping the environment in mind. If you follow these eco-friendly tips during the planning and construction stages, you can help do your part for the earth while still getting the job done. 1. Use Eco-Friendly Construction Equipment and Methods When planning your project, look for the most eco-friendly construction equipment possible. Try to use equipment that has a minimal impact on the environment, such as equipment that doesn’t use as much fuel. Also, consider eco-friendly methods for drilling, such as using horizontal directional drilling rather than vertical methods. This type of drilling will help have minimal impact on the top of the earth — and the eco-system that lives there — while allowing you to finish the horizontal drilling that you need to have done. 2. Restore the Land as Well as Possible After the construction process is over, work on restoring the land as well as possible. Plant grass and other plants, and consider planting trees if they won’t get in the way of your project. With some proper planning, you can make the land look almost as it did before you started your project, which can allow the eco-system to live on as it did before. 3. Do Something Else That’s Nice for the Environment It’s always a good idea to do something nice for the environment to help make up for any changes that you might have made. For example, if you had to cut down a tree, try planting two more trees in another nearby area. Take on a project to help plant trees and other plants in the neighboring forest area, or help any animals that might have been affected by your construction project. By doing something else nice for the environment, you can help make up for your own impact. Oilfield construction can be controversial for many. This is because many people fear that oilfield construction is bad for the environment. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as bad as many people think if you make an effort to help the environment afterward. Follow these three eco-friendly tips during your oilfield construction project, and you can feel good in knowing that you’ve done what you can for the earth. Talk to experts like Fortune Oilfield Construction Ltd for more...

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Creating An Impressive Business Display

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For brick and mortar businesses, image is everything. You want to be able to draw customers in and wow them with a memorable first impression. Most consumers are very visual, so it’s prudent to have a window or in-store display (from outlets such as Goodkey Show Services Ltd) that will leave a lasting mark and pique peoples’ curiosity. Make it Pop Using bright colors can really attract people to your store. Make your display standout with wild neon colors or bright primaries that will draw them in. Make large lettering easier to read by incorporating these bright hues, which will attract attention and make people want to know more. You can also use props that incorporate wild colors and will entice customers to come inside. Avoid Clutter While you certainly want people to check you out either at the trade show or on the street, it’s important not to go overboard. Displays that are too cluttered can be both distracting and unattractive. Clean lines and bold statements work best for drawing the eye in. If your display turns into a jumbled mess, your message gets lost and people may be wary since it indicates that you’re unorganized. Get Creative You don’t have to simply use cardboard cutouts or plain signs to attract peoples’ attention. Think outside the box and utilize different materials such as crepe paper, foam, carpeting, or wood. Use some of the items you sell to make a really interesting display. For example, if you own a small sporting goods store, make a unique sculpture out of tennis balls. The possibilities are endless and will absolutely make customers or potential business partners want to know more. Lighting Matters If you rely solely on the light in the room or the sun, your display might get lost. Good lighting can really make a big difference in the overall appearance of your display as well as making it standout. Small spotlights work best because they will highlight certain parts of your display. Have the spotlights pointing at the various accents of your display, which will entice people to take a closer look. Overhead lighting is not recommended since it could make everything look washed out or make shadows. Don’t Be Literal A store or business display does not have to actually showcase what you are selling. You can use creative ideas to convey an idea without featuring the actual product. If you sell art supplies, you can simply make a whimsical display using the supplies you sell. Think about ways you can convey your message and image without being literal. The more creative you are, the better the odds are that people will become interested which will in turn bring you more...

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4 Key Benefits Of Digital Printing

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When it comes to the printing process, digital printing is simply the superior method. Whether it’s image quality, color spectrum and brilliance, speed, or one of the many other benefits, there really is no comparison between digital and other printing methods. This article outlines four of the most important characteristics of digital printing and how they make the process the superior option. Image Quality Image quality, or ‘registration’ as it’s referred to in the printing world, is simply unmatched when it comes to digital prints. Color overlap is ideal because, as with most endeavors in perfection, the most detailed work is often performed  in a digital medium, like a computer program, before it is ultimately transferred to a physical medium, like a canvas. In all, the image quality from a digital printing will always be better than with other methods.  Richer & More Brilliant Colors While many printing methods are restricted to using only three base colors during production (red, yellow, and blue), digital printing can utilize up to seven base colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) to achieve a richer, more vibrant color scheme.  Faster Production Times Digital printing is also much faster than other printing methods. Going digital requires neither the use of printing plates nor any other setups, and once the file has been uploaded into the program it is simply a matter of initiating the process. Again, with no plates to manufacture, digital printing jobs can be turned around extremely quickly. At speeds of up to 4,000 to 6,000 color images per hour, your order may only require a few minutes to complete. The digital method also allows for smaller production runs without the increased costs that are often associated with such projects. While there are still price discrepancies for smaller runs, they are nowhere near as disparate as those concerning other printing methods.  Versatility The digital process is also one of the most versatile printing methods. Whether your desired substrate is plastic, paper, film or any other material, chances are a digital printing press can get the job done. In fact, printing on a unique material is one of the best ways to make your product, message, service, or what have you, stand out from the rest. Finally, on a separate note, digital printing is also one of the most sustainable forms of printing, since there is virtually no waste generated from the actual printing process. Overall, there is no substitute for the image quality, color richness, speed or versatility of printing on a digital printing press. Whether you need business cards, t-shirts, flyers, or armbands, digital printing is the way to go—learn more for...

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