Tips for Getting a Custom E-Commerce Website

This year there will be close to 2 billion people globally who purchase things online, and this number keeps growing larger. This means that if you want financial independence, you should realize that there is nothing stopping you from becoming an entrepreneur. As long as you have an idea that you can turn into a product, you can sell it online to customers who will make good use of it. 

3 Ways To Confirm And/Or Test Your Home And Office For Asbestos

Just when you think all of the asbestos in the world has been removed, you hear a story in the news of a house or office building that is loaded with the stuff. It is scary to think that this cancer-causing substance is still lurking around, and that many people are completely unaware of its existence in their homes or offices. If you come across anything that looks like it might be a gritty, grainy, white to slightly grayish, powdery deposit, you should definitely have it tested for asbestos.