Three Reasons Why You Should Purchase Vinyl Records

If you're a modern music lover, you undoubtedly have many CDs, MP3s and maybe even a few cassette tapes lying around.  However, you may be unaware of the benefits of having a great collection of vinyl records.  Although vinyl diminished in popularity some years back, they are regaining a following as people realize the many advantages they have over other music storage types.  While you may think your music collection is complete, use this information to learn more about why you should purchase vinyl records to round out your music stash.

If Sound Is Important, Choose Vinyl

One of the main reasons why vinyl records are becoming coveted is because of the amazing sound that they offer.  CDs and MP3s are made with compressed sound.  This means that the original recording is essentially "made smaller" so that it can fit into the carrying capacity of a CD or MP3.  The sound is not as grandiose as the actual recording, so you are literally receiving a diminished version of the song.

Vinyl has a larger storage capacity that can maintain the integrity of the original recording.  You will be able to hear all of the subtle nuances that go into a song, such as the richness of background violins, or the harmonies that come from a unified group of singers.  This will make your listening experience fuller and more enjoyable.

Vinyls Hold Their Value

Amassing a vinyl record collection is an investment that may pay you well in the future.  Vinyl records hold their value quite well, with some actually appreciating over time.  On the other hand, CDs and MP3s don't do so great in the resell market, making it likely that the music you collect through these mediums will not be able to be resold for profit at a later time.

Vinyl Records Give You More For Your Money

Because of the recent resurgence in popularity of vinyl records, many recording artists are now including digital download codes with the sale of each vinyl record.  This allows you to have both a physical copy of the record as well as a downloaded digital version that you can listen to via your headphones or in the car.  This gives you more bang for your buck and allows you to listen to your favorite records no matter where you are.

Your vinyl record collection can be a great conversation piece when you have guests, and it offers the perfect way for you to entertain with style.  Purchase vinyl records today so you can enjoy these benefits, and many more.