4 Key Benefits Of Digital Printing

When it comes to the printing process, digital printing is simply the superior method. Whether it's image quality, color spectrum and brilliance, speed, or one of the many other benefits, there really is no comparison between digital and other printing methods. This article outlines four of the most important characteristics of digital printing and how they make the process the superior option.

Image Quality

Image quality, or 'registration' as it's referred to in the printing world, is simply unmatched when it comes to digital prints. Color overlap is ideal because, as with most endeavors in perfection, the most detailed work is often performed  in a digital medium, like a computer program, before it is ultimately transferred to a physical medium, like a canvas. In all, the image quality from a digital printing will always be better than with other methods. 

Richer & More Brilliant Colors

While many printing methods are restricted to using only three base colors during production (red, yellow, and blue), digital printing can utilize up to seven base colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) to achieve a richer, more vibrant color scheme. 

Faster Production Times

Digital printing is also much faster than other printing methods. Going digital requires neither the use of printing plates nor any other setups, and once the file has been uploaded into the program it is simply a matter of initiating the process. Again, with no plates to manufacture, digital printing jobs can be turned around extremely quickly. At speeds of up to 4,000 to 6,000 color images per hour, your order may only require a few minutes to complete.

The digital method also allows for smaller production runs without the increased costs that are often associated with such projects. While there are still price discrepancies for smaller runs, they are nowhere near as disparate as those concerning other printing methods. 


The digital process is also one of the most versatile printing methods. Whether your desired substrate is plastic, paper, film or any other material, chances are a digital printing press can get the job done. In fact, printing on a unique material is one of the best ways to make your product, message, service, or what have you, stand out from the rest.

Finally, on a separate note, digital printing is also one of the most sustainable forms of printing, since there is virtually no waste generated from the actual printing process. Overall, there is no substitute for the image quality, color richness, speed or versatility of printing on a digital printing press. Whether you need business cards, t-shirts, flyers, or armbands, digital printing is the way to go—learn more for yourself!