Creating An Impressive Business Display

For brick and mortar businesses, image is everything. You want to be able to draw customers in and wow them with a memorable first impression. Most consumers are very visual, so it's prudent to have a window or in-store display (from outlets such as Goodkey Show Services Ltd) that will leave a lasting mark and pique peoples' curiosity.

Make it Pop

Using bright colors can really attract people to your store. Make your display standout with wild neon colors or bright primaries that will draw them in. Make large lettering easier to read by incorporating these bright hues, which will attract attention and make people want to know more. You can also use props that incorporate wild colors and will entice customers to come inside.

Avoid Clutter

While you certainly want people to check you out either at the trade show or on the street, it's important not to go overboard. Displays that are too cluttered can be both distracting and unattractive. Clean lines and bold statements work best for drawing the eye in. If your display turns into a jumbled mess, your message gets lost and people may be wary since it indicates that you're unorganized.

Get Creative

You don't have to simply use cardboard cutouts or plain signs to attract peoples' attention. Think outside the box and utilize different materials such as crepe paper, foam, carpeting, or wood. Use some of the items you sell to make a really interesting display. For example, if you own a small sporting goods store, make a unique sculpture out of tennis balls. The possibilities are endless and will absolutely make customers or potential business partners want to know more.

Lighting Matters

If you rely solely on the light in the room or the sun, your display might get lost. Good lighting can really make a big difference in the overall appearance of your display as well as making it standout. Small spotlights work best because they will highlight certain parts of your display. Have the spotlights pointing at the various accents of your display, which will entice people to take a closer look. Overhead lighting is not recommended since it could make everything look washed out or make shadows.

Don't Be Literal

A store or business display does not have to actually showcase what you are selling. You can use creative ideas to convey an idea without featuring the actual product. If you sell art supplies, you can simply make a whimsical display using the supplies you sell. Think about ways you can convey your message and image without being literal. The more creative you are, the better the odds are that people will become interested which will in turn bring you more business.