Protect Your Investment With Accurate Measurements - Tips For Maintaining An Industrial Scale

Whether you're weighing out small orders to hand deliver to a customer or you have a large, in ground scale that constantly weighs fleet vehicles, it's important that you keep your scales in their best shape. Having an accurate measure of the weight of your products is an important part of inventory control, and inventory control is the best way to make sure you stay financially successful.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining your industrial scales. Following these suggestions will guarantee that your scales will meet your needs when you need them to, and can also make sure that you're never in a situation where you're unable to fully serve your clients.

Regular Calibration

The best way to make sure your scale is functioning correctly is to constantly check to make sure it's in balance. Having your scale calibrated twice a year should be frequent enough to guarantee that major issues will be prevented while also not interfering with your regular operations.

Many industrial scales have options for self-calibration, but if you want to guarantee successful results, you should pursue the services of a scale maintenance professional. There are many services available that will involve a technician coming out to your facility and quickly and accurately calibrating your equipment.

Part Servicing

A scale is just as susceptible to physical damage as any other piece of equipment, and it's important that you check up on its vulnerable parts. If your scale is regularly used outdoors or in a humid warehouse, the potential for rust and other water damage should be considered.

The surface of your scale may also be at risk of stress fractures caused by extremely heavy loads. Regularly inspecting your scale deck for cracks and patching them as soon as they're found will guarantee that your scale stays in top condition for as long as possible.

Proper Usage

The most common cause of damage to industrial equipment is its usage in an improper context. As such, it's important that you always follow manufacturer's instructions and never overload your scale or attempt to use it for items that it's not designed to measure. It's also important to remember that, while many industrial scales have a warranty that will protect you from damage, those warranties may be voided by inappropriate usage. Being smart with your equipment is the first step toward making sure it stays durable and effective. Contact Accurate/Western Scale Co. Ltd. Weigh Scales for more information.