Improving Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

If you wish to improve the overall look of your front porch and yard during twilight and night-time hours, the lighting you place can be beneficial to your home's curb appeal. Here are some tips and tricks you can use when selecting outdoor lighting to help give your own home the proper amount of illumination while sprucing up the area with your fixture choices.

Consider Safety

One part of your light fixture choice to consider is how much light it gives off. Don't skimp on lighting on your front porch, as it is a great way to deter thieves from trying to gain entry. Make sure the light points toward the doorknob so it is adequately illuminated, helping you avoid fumbling to get it unlocked. Lighting along your walkway or flood lights to brighten up areas of your front lawn will help keep people from hiding behind shadowy bushes or trees. Use adequate wattage in your bulb choice to keep the area bright.

Make a Statement

Think about swapping out a smaller light fixture for a large, bold piece that stands out. Pick out a fixture in a contrasting color from your home so it is easily viewed from the roadway or your front entryway. Matching the color of the fixture with your shutters or trim is a great way to keep your home from looking overpowered with too many colors. 

When picking out a new fixture, consider the sizing. When using one light, look for a fixture with a height that is approximately one-third of the height of the door. If using a lamp on both sides of your doorway, a measurement of about a quarter of the height of the door will be proportionately pleasing to the eye.

Use Subtle Lighting

Along with a brighter front porch area, use some subtle lighting to show off other parts of your front yard. Small solar light posts can be placed along your walkway to help show the direction to your home. Place some recessed lighting underneath the eaves of roof to help showcase the front of your home. Consider using string lighting to give fences or trellises a fun, whimsical look.

Reuse to Save Money

If you are low on funds, make sure the lighting fixture you select will match the hardware already installed on your home. This way you can simply take off the old fixture and place the new one in the existing holder. Another way to save money is to paint an existing fixture in a new color. A fixture color change can completely change the appearance of your porch, while giving you satisfaction in doing the project yourself. Take a look at lighting stores in your area to get ideas.