Getting A Job At A Call Center: What Employees Are Looking For

Working at a call center allows you to build your customer service skills over the phone while working with new people every day. It's a great job to have while paying for college, or as a full time career with possible benefits. If you are looking to become a call center representative, know what employees are looking for so you can have a better chance at landing the job.


Call centers are notorious for high turnover rates, mainly due to the young crowd they attract. Many young people work at a call center for a few months, then move on to different employment due to school or other opportunities. If you want a job at a call center, you should be able to prove your reliability. You can do this by expressing your attendance and dedication to school programs and sports if you have never had a job, or by showcasing your long work history with a single company. Having reputable referrals, such as a former teacher, employer, or even church authority, can help to show your ability to remain a good-standing employee at your job.


Flexibility is key to working at a call center. If you have a limited open schedule due to another job, family, or school, then let your potential employer know upfront. They can work with whatever schedule you do have available, although they may require that you work a few weekends a week. Be willing to be flexible with the time you do have available, even if it means working a late evening or weekend shift.

Customer service skills

Working at a call center means you will be working with the public using only your voice to serve them. This means you must have patience, a friendly speaking voice, and the ability to diffuse any difficult situations. Having previous customer service skills is a plus, whether you worked at a laundromat or a gas station, and should be noted on your resume or application. If you have no customer service experience, you can still showcase your ability to lead by showcasing achievements in school, your leadership qualities, or give examples on how you would handle certain customer situations on your resume.

Employers at call centers want quality employees they know they can trust to do their jobs and treat their customers well. If this is a field you want to get into, use your skills in customer service, your reliability, and your willingness to work a variety of shifts to help you get in the door. Click here to learn more.