Enhance Your Gym's Merch Section And Also Spread Brand Awareness

If you're looking for ways to expand your gym's merchandise section, then you should take the opportunity to also get your brand out there. You don't want to stick with selling protein bars and protein powders. While these might be a good source of revenue, they do little to build brand awareness since you can't put your logo on other people's brand names, and people tend to want brand-name protein. So, here are three ideas for things you can add to the inventory that will be appealing to the fitness crowd and also get your brand out there in the public space.

Workout Tees With Your Gym Logo

People involved in fitness are always looking for new workout tees. And they like wearing stuff that shows off that they workout, both in cut (tank tops) and design (logos). So, stock up on some workout t-shirts and have your gym's logo silk screened onto the fabric. You can hook up with a graphic designer if you don't have a cool logo and want to come up with one. Make sure to have several colors, as well as sizes and designs. You should have tanks for guys and gals, but also fitted poly style tees for people who are not into wearing tanks.

Personalized Water Bottle Labels

People tend to stick to name brands when it comes to protein bars and protein powders. But water is not as tied into a brand. So, you can contact a private labeling company and get bottled water shipped to you. Then all you need is to get personalized water bottle labels and attach them. You could stock these in the fridge next to the energy drinks and other refreshments. It will get people to walk around with the gyms logo, which helps strengthen the brand name, and you will also get the benefit of people outside the gym seeing the logo. Talk with a professional, like Great Canadian Water Company, for more information.

BPA-Free Shaker Bottles

People who are in the gym a lot pumping iron are going to be protein shake fanatics. And if you ask anyone about protein shakes, the one topic that comes up again and again is that shaker bottles often need to be replaced (after a while the smell, taste, of the old whey seems to never leave). So people get new shaker bottles quite often. So, if you have a nice display of BPA-free shaker bottles on sale for a low cost, you can get lots of the weightlifters and bodybuilders to purchase them. The bottles can be designed with your gym's logo on the side, and the customers will like picking up a brand-new shaker bottle rather than spending hours soaking their old ones in vinegar or baking soda or endlessly scrubbing it out with soap to remove that nasty sour whey smell.