Have A Dark Walking Area Outside Your Commercial Property? What To Change Now

If you have a long winding path and exterior walkway to your commercial property, and there are times throughout the year when people are walking in the dark, it may be time to change your lighting situation. You don't want to change this situation just because it makes it easier for people to see, but also because it's safer. Here are some of the options that you can look into having installed around the property, and possible products that may be the most efficient for your property.

Motion Exterior Lights

Motion lights can be placed on the exterior of the building, and then triggered if someone gets within 50 feet of the lights. You can even get lights that have a wider sensor range, like 100 feet. If this is the best option, then you want to have these installed in the corners of the building, or areas where they will need to go to reach the farthest areas necessary.

Pathway Lighting

Get pathway lighting to help show where people are supposed to walk, to assist preventing slips and falls, and so that people can see what is going on around their feet when they are walking to and from the doors. The pathway lighting doesn't just help for visual and safety purposes, but it can also help to make the walking areas look better. Get LED options so you are getting the brightest lighting possibilities for your outdoor spaces.

Solar Powered Lighting

The great thing about adding extra lighting outside is that you don't always need to have it hooked up to a power source. Instead, you can look for options that are solar powered. The sun will shine UV rays down throughout the day and the internal chargers in the lights will then charge to shine the lights through the night. This is an affordable and efficient way to

If the lights that you already have on the exterior of your building don't seem like they are bright enough or that they cover enough ground, you want to check to see what types of bulbs are in the lights. The types of bulbs that you are using may be preventing the lights from being as bright as they can be. You may also want to consider replacing the type of lighting that goes into the area. Don't waste time, and make the exterior of your property safer today. For more information, contact a company such as Lanelight today.