Using CBD Capsules To Treat Your Chronic Condition

CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment option for patients that suffer from various types of chronic conditions. For a patient that is wanting to use CBD to treat their condition, reviewing some basic answers about CBD edible capsules can be important for making a decision about using these products.

Why Should Someone Consider CBD Capsules Over Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are another popular way of using this oil to treat a condition, but the use of edible capsules can provide some substantial benefits over traditional tinctures. One of the most noticeable will be that a tincture will need to be held under the tongue for a minute or longer in order to deliver the strongest effects. For individuals that find the taste of CBD oil products unpleasant, this could make it difficult to effectively use the tincture. Capsules will avoid this as they will allow a person to be able to take the CBD oil without having to endure its taste.

Are There Steps You Can Take To Help The Capsules Act More Quickly?

A disadvantage of using CBD capsules is that they can take longer to take effect due to the need for the capsule's case to dissolve and release the oil. Fortunately, it can be possible for patients that are using these products to help speed this process up by eating a small snack or meal before they take the CBD capsules. This will help to stimulate the production of stomach acids that will be able to more rapidly breakdown the capsule so the oil can be absorbed. However, eating too much can actually impair this process as the food may absorb most of this acid or shield the capsules.

What Is The Difference Between Capsules With CBD Powder Versus Oil?

When evaluating potential CBD capsules, you will likely be faced with the choice between capsules that contain CBD powder or those that contain oil. While powdered capsules can be more affordable, they are also likely to be less effective than oil-based capsules as the CBD oil will have a much higher concentration. Additionally, the oil may work slightly quicker than powder as the CBD in the oil can be directly absorbed by the body while the powder may need to be partially broken down before it released CBD. A longer shelf life can be among the primary benefits of choosing powdered capsules over those filled with oil, and individuals will have to assess whether the longer shelflife is worth the potential potency losses. 

For more information about CBD edible capsules, contact a professional who provides them.