Eva Duncan

3 Ways To Confirm And/Or Test Your Home And Office For Asbestos

Just when you think all of the asbestos in the world has been removed, you hear a story in the news of a house or office building that is loaded with the stuff. It is scary to think that this cancer-causing substance is still lurking around, and that many people are completely unaware of its existence in their homes or offices. If you come across anything that looks like it might be a gritty, grainy, white to slightly grayish, powdery deposit, you should definitely have it tested for asbestos.

Have A Dark Walking Area Outside Your Commercial Property? What To Change Now

If you have a long winding path and exterior walkway to your commercial property, and there are times throughout the year when people are walking in the dark, it may be time to change your lighting situation. You don't want to change this situation just because it makes it easier for people to see, but also because it's safer. Here are some of the options that you can look into having installed around the property, and possible products that may be the most efficient for your property.

Enhance Your Gym's Merch Section And Also Spread Brand Awareness

If you're looking for ways to expand your gym's merchandise section, then you should take the opportunity to also get your brand out there. You don't want to stick with selling protein bars and protein powders. While these might be a good source of revenue, they do little to build brand awareness since you can't put your logo on other people's brand names, and people tend to want brand-name protein. So, here are three ideas for things you can add to the inventory that will be appealing to the fitness crowd and also get your brand out there in the public space.

Extra Services You May Want To Find The Next Time You Look For A Bottle Depot

Bringing bottles to a recycling depot is a fast way to clear out your recycling pile while getting a little money back. But it can often seem like an annoyance to have to make a special trip just to drop off some bottles, leading many to let the bottles build up. If you would prefer to have additional reasons to head over to a bottle depot, such as being able to take care of multiple errands at once, you can find places that offer other services or that have a secondary purpose.

Create Your Brand Identity And Increase Sales With The Help Of A Professional Product Design Firm

Whether your company is a brand-new startup, or you have an established product line, it is important to create your brand identity if you haven't already. If you already have a brand identity, it is worth taking a second look to see if there are any changes or updates you need to make to increase sales. The right branding can also get your product out there in front of potential buyers and make it memorable so they will keep coming back.